"...to communicate the company's mission of being the most customer-centric company in the world, most notably by depicting the ultimate expression of customer satisfaction: a smile. Instead of a downward curve underlining amazon.com, a smile now begins under the a and ends with a dimple under the z, emphasizing that Amazon.com offers anything, from A to Z...'We believe the new logo exudes happiness, is fresh and unique, and has the potential, over time, to join the world's great consumer marks.'"  more...

"On June 30, McDonald's will debut a national advertising campaign and tagline in the U.S. to introduce the new McDonald's, the result of two years of work ... The new "We love to see you smile" advertising campaign... conveys McDonald's ultimate goal of bringing smiles to customers' faces each and every time they visit a McDonald's restaurant. ...'At McDonald's, customers are our first priority, and we want to make every visit to a McDonald's restaurant one that makes them smile.'" more...

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SAD COMPANIES (thanks dorian & rafe)

by scott heiferman
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