scott heiferman

72: born American
77: began school in Homewood, Illinois
81: founded "Scott's Slave Service" to market menial tasks to siblings
82: wrote pointless letter to every U.S. State governor, major city mayor, and Fortune 100 CEO
83: created a Commodore VIC-20 graphics program rejected by Compute! Magazine
84: designed random things with a 128K Mac; made stupid music and films
86: worked briefly at Challenger Software, a Macintosh software company
87: produced 1-hour radio documentary questioning effectiveness of advertising
88: founded DirectDeck, a multi-advertiser local direct mail medium; did sales, design, finance
89: became annual Station Manager of WHFH, high school radio station with 200 student participants
90: shipped DirectDeck #3 with over 40 advertisers; entered University of Iowa
91: launched Maclean, a failed line of Macintosh accessories, in dorm room
92: created Advertorial Infotainment (AI), a radio program that questioned consumer culture
93: AI becomes first radio program on Internet; co-hosted Relapse, radio show featuring 80s music
94: joined Sony as Interactive Marketing Frontiersman; created Sony's first online site
95: founded i-traffic, the first ad agency dedicated to online media -- so Internet won't be Madison Ave
96: grew i-traffic; created early "beyond-banner" campaigns for Disney
97: grew i-traffic; co-pioneered "affiliate marketing"; named AdWeek Top 10 i-agency; met prez.
98: grew i-traffic; helped CDnow with net's first big portal deals (Yahoo & AOL); team grows >100
99: grew i-traffic; founded RocketBoard; launched; sold i-traffic to AGENCY.COM
00: AOL invests in RocketBoard; shut down RocketBoard; worked the counter at a McDonald's
01: co-conspired Illegal R&D; messed with; i-traffic becomes Madison Ave; helped Napster
02: concepted FotoLog; co-founded MEETUP

currently: CEO of MEETUP (launching June 2002)