Family Photo Album

My brother Jay and his dog Buddy.


My sister-in-law Kim's mother, Elaine


My nephew Jeffrey


My brother Jay's in-laws, Lee and Sol


My nephew Michael


My Aunt Gerry


My sister Beth, her business partner Carol Hunt, and her friend Jerri


Uncle Harvey, from Canada


My friend Mike Essl.


This is my father on the left, and his friend Ken Simmons on the right.


The neighbor kids.


My cousin David Kaplan.


My brother Gary


My brother Ken and my Uncle Ed


Ken's sister-in-laws, Karen and Tammy


My sister-in-law Kim and her oldest son Daniel.



Yep, that's me.


My brother Gary with a friend. 


My brother Jay and his wife BJ.  They gave eachother the nicknames "Susan" and "Jovo".


My Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Gerry


This is me with my girlfriend Cindy and our friend Julia.


My grandparents, Malka and Chaim


Some cousin.


This is just a weird photo I found on the Internet.



Our neighbor, Joe Bova.


Just another weird photo off the Internet.


Cousin Brendley.

Tammy Sherman and her daughter Alyssa.